Thursday, May 2, 2013

What's it all about?

My last several posts have been thoughts on how we view our horses and equine activities.  They have been a bit like sermons on riding and showing.  I think this week we should lighten it up a bit.  Several of our riders will be attending an Open Show this Saturday.  It's a varied group of horses and riders going; one young adult and four children, one has shown most of her life, three kids have shown a bit and for one it's her first time.  The horses are all very experienced in the show ring. Tally, Ember and Parks, old campaigners that know the ropes.  Here is what I hope for these five students and for anyone showing this weekend.

 I  hope you stay safe.
First and foremost.

I hope you take care of your horse.
Think about how conditioned they are, how old they are, if they have issues.  Do they need extra care, cooling off, shade.  Some horse won't pee unless they are in a stall or unsaddled.  Please meet their a bit more.

I hope you talk to someone you don't know.
This is a wonderful social outlet but you have to remember to be sociable. Sincerely compliment someone, it will make their day and maybe yours too!

I hope you focus on your riding.
Keep the socializing to time when you are taking a break.  While you ride, think!

I hope you set and meet some realistic goals.
Plan some things that you hope to accomplish, determine whether it's in your control and if it is, go for it! Bear in mind that your placing is NOT in your control, only your performance is.

I hope you learn something.
This is easy, you will learn, just be open to it.

I hope you have fun.
Remember what it is you love about horses, why you wanted to show and how BLESSED you are to have this chance.  Take a minute to press your face against your horses neck and breath deep.  Laugh at your mistakes and celebrate your successes. Have a great weekend!

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