Friday, February 21, 2014

Saddle Up Saturdays

Our first "Saddle Up Saturday" of 2014 is one month away!  
March 22
April 19
May 17
June 7
July 26
August 2

  One Saturday a month your 7-14 year old child can register for a one hour group session to learn about horses and ride.  Kids will have 30 minutes of barn instruction and 30 minutes of mounted instructions.  

Here's how it works- Register and pay the $25.00 fee on line, by mail or by phone.  You have three time options for each Saddle up Saturday;  9:30 AM, 11:00 AM or 2:00. Each session is limited to 12 kids and will be split into 2 groups. Half will ride while the other half has barn instruction. Barn instruction will be on such topics as grooming, leading, safely working around the horses and tacking up. The riding lesson will focus on position and control of the horse at the walk.  Riders who participate in enough Saturdays to safely progress to the trot will be allowed to do so.

What makes this program unique? 

 Regular lessons are the best option for riders who really want to learn how to ride well but there are often reasons why that may not be possible or desirable.  Regular lessons require quite a commitment of time and money.  Often our children have to decide which activities to focus on and that can be a hard decision if they have never tried a sport before.  Sometimes kids want to try something new "just for fun"  but riding horses must be done with safety in mind.  Saddle Up Saturdays are a solution!

This is a great program for:

                                        kids who can't commit the time/money to regular lesson
                                                kids who want to see if they even like riding
                                    kids who just want to enjoy something different one weekend
                                                           a group of kids to do together!


What does my child need to wear? Long pants and a hard soled shoe with a 1/4 to 1/2 inch heel. Riders must wear helmets, which will be provided.

What if it rains? We have a small indoor arena so if it is a LIGHT rain, wear a raincoat and we will ride anyway.  The arena has a metal roof so in a hard rain it would not be safe or productive and we will cancel.  Riders will be given the option of a full refund or a credit.

How do I know if the session I want is full? When sessions fill we will note that on the registration form ASAP however it is possible that you could register for a full session. If this happens we will contact you to see if another time will work, so have a second choice in mind.  If no other session will work for you you will be given a full refund. If you are registering siblings or a group PLEASE contact us to verify availability.

Is there a group discount available? Because we break into groups of six, if you sign up six riders one of your ride will be FREE!  ($125.00 for six riders) Groups must all ride in the same session.  Please contact us so that we can verify availability before you sign up

When and how do I register?  You can register right now! Go to the link below for our registration form!!about1/c1rmq

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