Mountain Dell Spring Farm Show

April 26, 2014
Mountain Dell Equestrian Farm Show
Pre-registration required!

This will be a great first show for those who may not quite be ready for shows off the property and a practice/warm up for the upcoming Show Season

Show Dates( call to verify)

April 26- register by March,19

Show starts at 11:00

1. Showmanship (English/Western)
2. Leadline
3. Walk Only
4. Walk-Trot Hunter Under Saddle
5. Hunter Under Saddle
6. Walk-Trot Equitation
7. Hunt Seat Equitation
8. Walk- Trot Hunter Over Poles
9. Walk - Trot Equitation Over Poles
10. Handy Hunter Over Poles
10. Working Hunter (not to exceed 2’)
11. Handy Hunter (not to exceed 2’)
12. Equitation Over Fences (not to exceed 2’)
13. Walk Trot /Jog Trail
14. Trail
15. Walk Jog Pleasure
16. Walk Jog Ranch Pleasure
17. Western Pleasure
18. Ranch Pleasure
19.Walk- Jog Horsemanship
20. Horsemanship

Pre-registration Required!!

Show held at Mountain Dell Equestrian 

Over Poles will be courses set with poles on ground

Handy Hunter will be a course of eight fences (or poles) but will have some “equitation” turns and may include some obstacles that would be encountered on a field.

Ranch Pleasure will require collected and extended gaits and be judged on a on "working horse" standards

Trail may be ridden in English or Western tack

High Point and Reserve for Western and English
Ribbons to 1st-5th

Neg Coggins will be checked!

*Cross Entering is permitted
*ASTM helmet required of anyone mounted at any time
*No Dogs
*No Smoking on Property

All horses must be under control. Any person exhibiting unsafe or unsportsmanlike conduct will be made to leave.

Entry Fees- $5.00/class or $25.00 All Day fee
Questions or Call Angela at (828)452-9330 or email for a registration form  

Please remember that this is a practice show for students. If you are not a student but would like to participate give us a call and we would be glad to discuss it.  We just do not have the parking space to allow unlimited guests.

Hit the "Contact Us" button for a registration form and list of classes.  Pay when you arrive.

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